Making money online is one of the best things that are available today for us, as it don't require any big effort from you and it can be done without an investement.

A lot of people nowadays want to jump into some online businesses but they don't have the start up cash, because they don't know how to make their first dollars.

But that was a problem before reading this article, because after reading it you will be able to make at least 50$ using your phone.

And I swear it works.

The method that I will share with you today is considered as the easiest way I've tried ever, I made with it 50$ ^^ and it was the easiest money I have earned ever.

How is that?

Follow the steps!

What Do You Need?

  • A phone
  • Internet Connection
  • Ability to download new apps
  • Ability to complete a survey
And that's it, if you have these things then let's start with the method!

First of all, the method simply is completing some offers such as downloading apps or completing surveys in exchange of money. And there is a lot of sites that offer that, but in this case, the best one is called Lolinex.

The first step is to go to and choose the paypal cards.
  • Go to >
  • Scroll down and choose the PayPal card
  • Choose the 50$ Card
Here is how:

After that, you should wait a few seconds to be redirected to the offers page, and it looks like that.

Then, you should complete the offers that you have there, either completing some quizzes or downloading some apps.

Notice: If you choose apps download offers, you must download the app and open it for 30 second to have the offer completed.

After completing the offer, get back to the site and it will redirect you to the page where you should enter your PayPal email. (make sure to put the paypal email correctly).

Then, you will get Paid after a few mintues. (it can be more one hour sometimes)

At the end, I SWEAR!!! It works. And here is my payment proof:

How I Made 50$ In 5 Minutes Using My Phone ( You can do it too! )

How To Start A Successful Startup Business

In this article we will share some tips, if you want you can call steps, to start a small business and makeit profitable and successful.

Keeping this clear, it's time to know how to start a small and profitable business. Things to consider when starting a business:

There are numerous factors to consider when you start a business. Here are some crucial factors.

  • Money or capital
  • Machinery, tools, equipment
  • Suppliers
  • Employees (only if necessary).
  • Personal skills, Capacity, understanding, professionalism

These are just several factors that you need to consider before you start a business. Why do you need to be prepared before you start a business?

Think about how much you do not know prior to starting a business. Where do you get your supplies?
Do you have a business plan? Where do you get your startup capital from? There are a ton of questions that need to be addressed before you even start your very first business.

Therefore, it is very crucial that you follow these steps when you are about to begin your business.

Steps By Step Guide To Startup Your Business

Step # 1: What do I want to achieve with this small business?

Even before deciding which business to choose, you must know what you want to achieve, and I saythis because we do not all want to start for the same reason:

There are those who want to start a small business to grow and that microenterprise becomes a greatcompany.

For example, start as a freelancer editor and then have a great Digital Marketing company. Others just want to get resources to do something very different from their small business.

For example, start with the sale of homemade sweets to gather enough money to travel to Europe or anyother part of the country.

Do you want a business to get some resources? Do you want a business to grow it and turn it into agreat company? As we move forward you will realize the importance of answering this.

[Guide] Startup ideas to start your own business - Guide to start your business

How to get a girlfriend quickly

Having a girlfriend is one of the most important things that everyone should have. Why? Simply, cause we are humans and we all need to have a partner from the other gender for multiple reasons. That's why you have to get a girlfriend (if you don't already have one).

Anyway, there is a lot of situations when the person is not having a girl friend. For example, after a break up. Maybe you broke up with your ex-GF, and now you are trying to get a new girlfriend. And that's the best thing, as a lot of people are depressed after the break up.

When the best thing to do is just moving on and looking for a new GF. Or maybe you never had a girl friend and now you are looking for GF for the first time. And that's great! But the question that a lot of people ask in many situations is: How to get a girlfriend? How to get a new GF? How to date a girl?

These types of questions are asked by a lot of people, and we will answer them in the article step by step. Here is a full guide with many ways to get a new girlfriend easily and quickly. Just do the steps mentioned in this guide and you will get a new girlfriend in the few next days. But make sure you are doing it the right way!

5 steps to get a girlfriend ASAP. (use them, and you will have a GF tomorrow.)

 The best rappers in 2019 - The most popular artists of 2019

The music is one of the most things that makes the world pleasurbale. Thus, everyone of us love to listen to music. But, there is a difference between what each one is listening to. For example, some people love to listen to Jazz, others may like listening to Pop or Modern Rock...

Generally, there is a lot of music types and genres and everyone prefer a specific type. One of the most popular and most loved types of music is Rap. Rap is one of the most popular types of music that almost everyone like it.

By doing a little research, you will realise that the most successful and popular songs this days are rap songs. For example, in the hottest 100 songs list by billboard; the highest viewed and rated songs are rap songs or at least have some parts of rap on it.

So, rap songs are the most popular songs for now. Moreover, there is already a lot of rappers around the world. Thousands of rappers are existing now, but just a few of them are popular.

Why is that? Because just a few who are really skilled and have the ability to provide hight quality content. But, this is not always the case. Sometimes, some rappers are making a big buzz and getting millions of views with a sh*tty content. Anyway, it depends about the rapper and it's audience.

In this article, we will try to provide a list of the best rappers in 2019. It contents rappers who already provided high quality songs and they started 2019 with a great job, so we expect them  to provide content as good as 2018's songs.

Let's start!


Eminem is one of the most loved rappers in all around the world. Almost all rap fans love him or at least know him and some of his songs. Moreover, there is a big part of fans who love Eminem too much and they follow all his steps and they're called "stans". Generally, Eminem has millions of loyal fans, and his songs are considered from the most viewed songs in Youtube. So, the question here is, why is that?

Why Eminem is successful? And what makes all these people love Eminem?

There is a lot of reasons why Eminem is considered from the best rappers of all time. First, he is one of the highest skilled rappers when it comes to the lyrics. He has very powerful lyrics in his songs. Thus, the good lyrics makes the songs better. In addition to that, the subjects he is rapping about are not random. Almost all his songs has a very important subject that he is rapping about. And that's what makes his songs beautiful.

Second, he is one of the rappers who master the flow and knows how to use it. He has a harmony in his lyrics and very technical rhymes. He is also one of the fastest rappers of all time, and we can realise that by listening to some of his songs such as "Rap God". Moreover, he has some of the best produced songs.

Eminem is working with some of the best producers in the world who provides high quality instrumental /sound tracks. And that's normal, as he is always with some high skilled artists such as Dr.dre who has a big experience when it comes to producing... So this guarantee a high quality production of songs.

And because of that, Eminem is considered as one of the best rappers in 2019.

List: This is the best rappers in 2019 (You won't expect them)

In 2018 Imgur is one of the most successfull funny/ Viral and also social media website in all the web, and the imgurians (the users of Imgur) post every single minute a lot of quality pictures in many topics but the main topic in imgur is the funny pictures and memes, what make ithis platform perfect is the quality of the picture (almost HD).

In this article we will show you the TOP3 pictures posted on the Imgur most viral page in 2018. Let's start!


One of the most successfull post is this post about the famous producer DJ Khaled, they make a memes about it cause we all know he love to say he's name (DJ khaaaleeed) in every successfull song (I'm the one, wild thoughts...) Even if he don't mix of sing of it.

NUMBER 2/ The famous doggy

This famous dog make a buzz another time when someone transfrom he's picture from jpg to GIF, creating a GIF for it is a good idea but we don't know even why people love watching and using the picture of this dog in their social media profile...


This meme is one of the most popular memes today in IMGUR and it's juste trending now, this couple make a smile in the faces of hundreds of imgurians so we will ranked as the top 1 picture in imgur in 2018. You can check it here
Let's Share it in your Facebook wall!!!

Notice: All the pictures used above are taken from imgur and we are not responsive for the copyright issues if the imgurians take it from others site, but we can help and remove it for any reason juste contact us! Thanks.

The most funny pictures and memes in IMGUR for 2018

Hi dear reader,

As a rich webmarketer, everyday people ask me this kind of questions: How to become a millionaire? How to become rich? How to be millionaire? (or billionaire)

Okay don't worry! Cause in this article we will show you how to be a millionaire! But make sure if you work hard for it you will acheive your dreams it don't matter how old are you or where are you from so please don't ask this kind of questions:
How to be a millionaire at 16?
How to become rich in USA? Philippines? India? Africa?...
Cause it don't matter!

Let's start!

How to be a millionaire?

If you are looking for some methods that can make you rich and you really want to be a millionaire, you have to know you aren't the only one who want that, but you are so lucky cause you are reading now this article, so by reading this methods, advices and tricks given to you here you will be able to start your money making journey! 

So what you need to be from the future millionaires? 
You want money for sure! But how to make this money? Don't worry! We will teach a general formula of money making method so you have to apply it in your case. 

There a lot of ways that make people rich, some of those rich people are so lucky cause they get easy money maybe cause they born in a rich family... 
But today we will teach the exact things you need to do to be rich ! 

The first things you have to do it's to start your business/ it don't require money to start cause a business don't mean a big company with hundreds of people work on it... We mean with your own business you need to sell you own product or services to other people. That's it! 
Being a millionaire mean you have at least $1M+ net worth, so let's do some maths, how you can get this million dollar selling something! Solde 1000 product in the price of 1000$. 

Solde 10000 product in the price of 100$ 
Solde 100000 product in the price of 10$ Or: 
Sell monthly membership for 10$/month for 10000person and you will collect 1.000.000$ in 10months. 

There are some other methods to get rich quick but they aren't guranteed, for example some people are investing in the Bitcoin in 2010 when the price of 1BTC=0.02$ and they sell it in 2018 for 10.000$+ per 1BTC so they get millions of dollars in profits. But as we teached you before the gold formula to get rich it's to sell you own product or service! The question you will ask now it's: What I'll sell? And for who?... 

Let's start in the formula!

How to be rich by building a business? 

You will choose the kind of your business, you need to answer for those questions:

 > What type of products/services I will provide? 
> How much money I have to invest in this business to start? 
> What is the niche/micro-niche I will target? 
> I need to get a loan from the bank to start this startup or my own money can cover the needs? 
> This business will require a local or transport? 
> It will require any kind of insurance (Auto insurance, business insurance)? 
> Do you have any skills that can help you in this business? 
After you answer to this questions you can get some ideas about your future business and if you will have some problems in this startup... Type a message...
Some advices:
  1. Never start in a business that require some loans to start, cause if you don't want to spend your life paying debts if this business don't succeed, so start in some business that don't require a lot of money (or maybe it don't require any money). For example if you have not any dollar in your pocket to make your own business, you can start selling some ready products by selling affilate products/services.
  2. Take your time to create a plan and a formula to get succeed in your business.
  3. Make a list of problems you may have in future and start searching for some solutions.
Now after that you have to follow this steps:
How to become rich
Source: Youtube thumbnail
  • Create your own product/service or choose one from an affilate network.
  • Start advertising for your product
  • Get sales! Make profits $$$
  • Re-target the buyers, contact them, make them love your products...
  • Get more sales! More $$$
  • Scale it up and invest a part of the earning in your business to develop your future earnings.
Let's teach step by step how to make each part of this formula successfull:
1/ Creating the product/service or picking a product from your affilate network if you're an affilate:
You have to provide the highest quality to your costumers, so take your time in choosing the niche and do a deep research to know each product people need but they don't find in the market, when we talk about product we don't mean specially the phisical things (i.e clothes) but we mean everything you can sell include the online memberships, softwares, wordpress plugins, android/IOS apps... After creating your product try to get a feedback from everyone you know, to get some information that will help you to optimize the product as much you can before starting the promotion. If you are an affilate so try to see the best selling product in you network (if they are new and has a good selling rate it will be the right one).
2/ Prepare your store:
The store depend about your business, if you have a real business so you need to start a real store and make sure it's visible to people as much as you can. If your business based in e-commerce so you need to create you have to create your online store you can use some platform where you can setup your store easily (ex: Shopify, Woocommerce, Ebay) you can also open different store, we all know this quote "Don't put all your eggs in one basket" So do the same in this case! You can setup a shopify store and in the same time sell your products in eBay and Amazon where you can get some extra sales from time to time to increase your earnings.

3/ Start the promotion:
You need to do a deep research before starting your first advertisement, so do a research to see who is the gender who buy you product more, and the age of people who love you product more... You can spy in others competitors to get some information to optimize your promotion.
How to promote my product or service? It don't matter if you have a real or an online store, or you are selling your service in micro-job site, the online social media advertisement will be the best way to increase your sales! There are a lot of advertisement platform where you can start the promotion easily (example: Google Adwords, Facebook ads, Bing ads, Twitter ads, Pinterest ads).
You need to make an audience in your social medias and to make contact with your costumers.

4/ Re-sell for costumers:
People who buy from you a product or a service are the best people to sell for your new product, specially if you are providing high quality products so they will wait for your news, to re-sell to those people you need to make a brand name, and make a contact list of your costumers. (Email list, phone numbers).
The mailling/Email marketing are the key to get a stable income so it will help you to get a future sales forever, it's like a gold mine.

- Some gold methods to promote your product like a boss!

How to promote my product like a boss?

product promotion
credit: milewalk
1/ Make the ads go viral!!
Make a funny ads, or emotionnal ads and go for social media advertisement where it's easy to tag a friend (You can this friend your future costumer) and if your ads is good enough people can share it (Free promotion for you!).

2/ Ask people to review your product:
Getting reviews it's an important thing in the promotion, cause if you get posetive reviews it will increase your future sales for sure.

3/ Be smart!
Be smart and make your own formula!
Create a refferal system!
If you let your friends know about us we will give you an extra product... like this you will get more free promotion = more sales = more $$$

Now you are ready to start your business and start your journey to be a millionaire!

In this part of this article we will show you some other methods cause we know some people wont accept the first idea maybe cause they don't beleive in this kind of money making methods and they think it's hard or maybe cause they don't have any money or skills to spend...
So here we will teach you some other methods that can make you rich by a case study so from this case study you can get a lot of ideas to know how to be a millionaire in short time!
Let's see a case if it happened exactly like that it will make you rich (millionaire) in one year!

> You don't have any money to spend!
> You ask yourself what is the best skills you have?

For example: Design with Adobe Photoshop (Making logos and banners)
> You start a gig in micro-job website
> You start promoting your gig in forums and you get your first sales (3 sales).
> You work hard to satisfy your costumers and you make the better work and all the costumers are satisfied.
> They re-buy your service a lot of times cause they love it+ they give you good reviews
> You get organic sales because of those reviews...
> After one month you sell your service 100 time and you collect 400$
> You keep in mind this two quotes:
"To get money you need to spend money"

"Don't put all your eggs in one basket"

So now you now you have to spend money to get more money but in the same you know that every invest of money has it own risk so you have to spend in different thing to get more chance of success

> You spend 100$ from this 400$ in a cryptocurrency. (Let's call it X).

>You spend 100$ from this 400$ in a Shopify store and you start doing Dropshipping for a non-competitive product (You can get it for 10$) and you re-sell it in your store for 100$.
> You invest the other 200$ in promotion to your service!
> You get more sales in your service because of the promotion = more money = more invest in your business (The store and the currency).
> After one year the store get 10000 sale = 900.000$ (Cause the earning was 90$ for every product purchased).
> You are investing more money in the crypto currency (you get the money from the service earnings), you are buying 1000$ of this currency. (The price of the currency was 0.0001$ per X so 1000$ will give you 10000000X)
By the end of the year the currency value will be 1$ / 10000000X= 10.000.000$.

> Congratulations!!! Now you have 10.900.000$ in your bank account! You are a millionaire!

We know it's not easy that much, but if you work hard you will get it! It don't matter if you get it in one year or in two...
Cause the small progress still a progress and you have to work hard and never give up to acheive your goals.
Now you know all the things, let's work hard and make millions!
Conclusion: If you enjoy with this article and you like it so keep in mind it took us more than 1 week of hard work to make it simple and rich by information so please help us by a simple Share (it will take 5 seconds).
You ask can anything in comments, we check the questions every single day so you can get the answer in lower than 1 hour. (You get notified by email when we reply. So feel free to ask.
Thank you for reading our future millionaire ♡!

How to be a millionaire in easy steps!! + Case study

  The social media now get the biggest part of online users in all the internet, the major part of people around the worldwide use, the social media and they use it daily, day by day the social medias get more updates that make us in touch with our friends, family... And one of the biggest things that make social media easier to use it's the mobile apps, cause anyone of us have a smartphone and we use it every single day, so installing social media apps (WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger...) Let us be in touch with our virtual world.

What is the benefits of social media

This advanced technology has a lot of benefits. First, it let us discover all the world news just with scrolling the news feed in our social media account/app.

Secondly your can gets in touch the news of your favourites actors, singers... And in the other side you can engage with your audience if you are a celebrity, influencer...

It gives you the opportunity to share everything with your friends in few clicks, for example you can share this article by clicking in the button below! Try to do it's FREE! :)

What is the best/popular social networking site? 

There a lot of social networking sites/apps around the web:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • WhatsApp
  • Snapchat
  • Messenger
  • Instagram

A lot of people are looking for any new social media, yes they are a lot of them but why you should join a new social media with small amount of visitors, where you will find your family? Friends?

What is the best social media marketing methods and strategies? 

There a lot of ways to promote your product or your service in the social medias, choosing one of them depend on your type of campaign, and if you are looking for free traffic or paid traffic?
But we'll give you this small list of the best ways of social marketing strategies:
  • Instagram + bots
  • Fb ads 
  • Fb groups marketing + bots
  • Reddit + buying upvotes

This some of the best strategies, and this some of the tools you can need for that:
Mass planner - Instagress crack - followliker - Fb groups poster - Landing page maker...

Can I use Messenger without Facebook account?

Yes you can! you need just a phone number.

Click in the button below to go to the next page to see the Page2 of the common questions about social medias!

The most common questions about social media in 2018 (Messenger, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram)

Eminem revival album

Eminem Revival album is one of the most trending albums since it published to now in 2018 and it make a big buzz in the worldwide and no other album get more sales in this time more than the revival album, the eminem revival cd got a lot of sales, and the eminem revival mp3 get a lot of downloads.

How to be a millionaire in easy steps?

Eminem songs 2018

All the Eminem fans (stans) was very happy thanks to this revival album but it came with a sad news. The Eminem REVIVAL album will be the last album published by Eminem and he will not post any other songs, albums... It's the saddest news for the Eminem fans and lovers cause they want more Eminem songs, Eminem say that he will post a video in this month where he will explain why this album will be the end of his career.

And we will give in this article 5 things why the Eminem new album "Revival" will be the last eminem album. Let's see the 1st reason by clicking in the button below!
The best Eminem news and Eminem album and eminem song

5 things why REVIVAL will be the last album of Eminem!

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